«The Great Underwater Wall» is a book about the real Great Underwater Wall, which is over 14 thousand kilometers long, about 5 kilometers wide, and stretching along the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean from the Arctic to the Antarctic. In this book, we look at the Wall from different perspectives: its history, evidence of it (ancient and modern), cartography, scientific research, supposed function, and even prophetic significance.

The Great Underwater Wall is changing our understanding of the world we live in, and I dedicate the final part of the book to a serious biblical reflection on the very fact of the existence of the Great Underwater Wall (or the Cornerstone of the Earth, as God Himself calls it), and also the consequences of what the prophecies call as «the manifestation of the Cornerstone to the people» in the last times. With this book comes the manifestation of the Cornerstone to you personally and to your Family!

If you want to support the author of the book and help him publish both the paper and video versions of this unique book, then you can transfer any amount to my PayPal account 
Enjoy reading! Oleg Zhigankov

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