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«Духовный миллионщик» — сайт пастора, писателя, доктора богословия Олега Александровича Жиганкова. Здесь мы смотрим не столько в прошлое, сколько в настоящее и будущее. Он посвящён формированию духовных миллионщиков, тех людей, которые поведут Россию и весь мир на путь последнего Великого духовного возрождения, о котором говорит Библия. Возрождение, которому суждено начаться в России.
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Our mission

Bibleblog.ru is on a mission of promoting Bible study and theological discussion in Christian homes. It is to uplift, and to reach out. We want you to delight in studying of the Word of God with your family, your church community, in a small group, or individually. We want to encourage consistent studies and to assist you in this challenging, but most delightful and rewarding journey. While most of the material published on Bibleblog.ru is in Russian language, the English language version is rapidly growing and expanding.

This resource reflects on a spiritual formation as a desirable outcome of those studies. We want one to prosper in every way, but especially in formation of one’s character – the only thing that we’ll be allowed to take with us into a new and wonderful World to come. The spiritual millionaires are the people, who realize that they are poor in spirit (Mt 5:3), and who, after the command of Jesus Christ, chose to lay up for themselves “treasures in heaven” (Mt 6:20). Yet, the sweet aroma and the true value of these treasures will inevitably transpire in one’s everyday life.


Bibleblog.ru is also on a mission of equipping individual Christians with all the right tools needed for studying of the Bible. It is aiming both at the theologians and the laity. The Christian ministers of different denominations, pastors, priests and professional theologians could also benefit of this partly traditional, partly innovative resource. Dr. Oleg is sharing an inner biblical method of interpretation of the Bible – multilayer biblical typology. Because the Bible is the Word of God, and because God’s mind is exceedingly greater, than human mind, even a collective one, God chose to communicate to us, as the Bible says, “at various times and in various ways” (Hebrews 1:1). To understand God’s messages, we have to be equipped with the same method of biblical interpretation that the New Testament writers were using as they interpreted the Old Testament.


Along with many other available resources presented here there is also guided Seminar on Biblical and Prophetic Interpretation. Once you’ve registered for it (donation is suggested), you’ll be able not only to access the study material, but also to receive a guidance and an advice from Doctor Oleg tailored for your individual needs.


In the course of the Seminar the students will master an inner biblical method of interpreting the Bible in general, and biblical prophecies in particular. Typological perspectives that the Seminar presents allow for a deeper, multidimensional approach to the Bible. What are those perspectives? To simplify, look at the four Gospels that give different perspectives on the life of Jesus Christ. The differences in approaches are not to be taken as disharmony, or as inconsistency, or as a diverse quality. They are to draw a picture that is at least four-dimensional, a picture. It makes the Word of God living and dynamic, ever new, yet, never changing.


Perspective Theology, or a school of biblical interpretation presented by Dr. Oleg, represents an organic fusion of a conservative brand of the Western systematic theology, and of a contemplative approach of the traditional Oriental Christian theological thought. In other words, it is an attempt to make a left-brained Western hemisphere’s systematic theology to operate simultaneously and in one accord with a right-brained Eastern theological tradition.


Russian theological thought had never been systematic in a Western manner. Rather, it’s been a school of thought that would contemplate over the history of salvation as presented in the Bible and in the historical happenings around the New Testament community of faith, the New Israel, the Christian Church. This contemplation has not necessarily been done after a Western systematic tradition based on linear logic and dialectics. Instead, it reflects on the historical happenings – both biblical and post-biblical, historical – as on the history of salvation unfolding within the community of faith – the Church. It is not focused on systematic study and systematic presentation of the sacred texts of the Bible and Tradition. It considers its duty to do theology in historically affirmative, rather than analytical way. This approach displays a submission of a critical reason to a higher authority of the Word.


On the other hand, the Western theological tradition is highly systematic and analytical. It strives for an analysis and evaluation, searches cause and effect, interested in patterns and structures, in system and order. At its extremes, in its modernistic search for an extreme objectivity, this approach knows no authority higher than a critical reason.


While divorced, those two traditional schools of thought tend to fall into one extreme or another, leaning left or right. It shouldn’t be that way. Just as we can’t divorce our left brain from our right brain, so we can not, and should not be divorcing the Western and the Eastern Christian perspectives.


Perhaps, ‘divorcing’ is not very accurate, as those traditions had never before been joined in love and unity. Although there were some previous efforts to bring those two traditions into one accord, they all failed, as the attempts were made to pull a blanket on one side or the other. The new Perspective Theology attempts to bring the two great theological hemispheres into harmony, and it does it naturally. There is no compromise as it comes to respectful recognition of the virtues of both traditions. Only in their combination and unity these two traditions will reveal their best sides, and will keep under control each other’s weaknesses. As there is more than one biblical perspective on a given event, teaching or happening, the both-brained approach becomes not a luxury, but a necessity.


Bibleblog.ru is a place where the theological West meets the theological East. Where our systematic mind embraces our contemplative mind. As this meeting takes place, inevitably a new theological and prophetic picture emerges. Bibleblog.ru will be sharing some of these pictures, while explaining and examining the method that’s been instrumental in generating these theological and prophetic insights.


Enjoy your Bible! Enjoy it with your Church, your Family, your Friends, and with Yourself.


Watch also for regular blogs and updates.


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