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«Духовный миллионщик» — сайт пастора, писателя, доктора богословия Олега Александровича Жиганкова. Здесь мы смотрим не столько в прошлое, сколько в настоящее и будущее. Он посвящён формированию духовных миллионщиков, тех людей, которые поведут Россию и весь мир на путь последнего Великого духовного возрождения, о котором говорит Библия. Возрождение, которому суждено начаться в России.
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About the author

Oleg Zhigankov, PhD, is a theologian, Seminary professor, writer and pastor. He is the founder and the main contributor of the Open Seminary and Bibleblog.ru. Since 1993 until 2015 he taught applied, historical and systematic theology at different theological Seminaries in Europe, North America, and South-Eastern Asia.


Doctor Oleg Zhigankov (Doctor OZ) is a passionate preacher, prolific writer, and regular presenter at many online conferences. His multiple articles and many books embrace a wide spectrum of interest in literature, history, arts, poetry, and theology. After a tragic death of his first-born son Akim Zhigankov, who had been murdered while serving as a medical missionary in Philippines, his father’s main interest shifted into an area of prophetic interpretation. Dr. Oleg Zhigankov is a strong proponent of the historicism in the area of prophetic interpretation.


His areas of concentration are systematic and historical theology and biblical eschatology. Dr. Zhigankov is helping many people, many of his readers to take their studies of the Bible and their theological education to a higher lever. He is committed to bridging a gap between the professional theologians and the laity. Dr. Oleg Zhigankov also attempts to bridge a gap between highly fragmented and radicalized Western and Eastern ways of doing Christian theology.


Dr. Zhigankov had been brought and nurtured as a theologian by both of those theological traditions. His method of biblical, theological and prophetic interpretation sees neither problem, nor contradiction in combining a highly historical, contemplative and seemingly “authoritarian” approach of the Eastern Christianity with a highly systematic, critical, and humanistic approach on behalf of the Western Christian tradition.

Pastor Oleg Zhigankov is residing in Canada, serving the churches at North Bay and South River, ON.


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